A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This amateur 3 level, pixel art platformer is my first attempt at working with pixel art and parallax layers.

Made with the Godot Engine.

This was my first project in Game development and it went through periods of work and periods of neglect. It was a way for me to delve into and learn about pixel art and  to teach myself to program.

I stopped development because bugs are endless and I would like to start working on new projects. 

Install instructions

Download and run


Ascend(linux64) 143 MB
Ascend(win64).exe 135 MB


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Played it all though and it's a shame the tilling issue that GodotEngine has because it's really bothersome. Good job!

Seems interesting, I'll definitely try it ! To keep yourself motivated you should try working on smaller projects, don't be too ambitious for your first game, keep it simple and go through the process to the end (polishing, release, bug fixing...) it really helped me !

Thanks for the interest!

Definitely good advice, gonna try to finish a game a week or something for a while.

I just played it and the gameplay idea is awesome ! Even if there are bugs here and there this prototype is really interesting, the controls of the bird feel really nice ! Nice job !

Thanks so much! :)

Hey awesome job on your first game! I really liked being able to switch characters and the parallax layers turned out great.

Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback!